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  • 2018-11-08
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About GameOn - Free Sports Picks 🤑🏆🏈🏀

FREE-TO-PLAY, zero-risk sports picks for football, basketball, hockey, baseball, college sports and more! GameOn is a fresh and free method for fans to compete, watch and victory up to $100,000 during live sports!

GameOn takes the free-to-play model of trivia apps, and applies it to the sports globe with mobile game predictions. GameOn is easy and completely free. No player drafting or hard-to-understand points systems. Just 3 easy steps:

1) Before the game:
Make picks from player and team-related questions. For example, "Who will win?", "Who will score the 1st touch down?" and "Who will hit the most three-pointers?"

2) During the game:
Accumulate points for every correct pick. The riskier the picks, the more points up for grabs!

3) After the game:
Fans with the most points wins money and brand partner prizes. A tie-break question will split winners if multiple fans finish equal, so there are no $0.80 grand prizes like trivia apps. For select Excellent Picks games, victory $100,000!

GameOn's free sports picks platform is designed to be social, connecting you with other fans in your circle. The application features a group chat and leaderboard function where you can follow, engage and hold tabs on how mates are tracking to claim bragging rights.

Perfect for fans of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and College, including the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, Fresh England Patriots, Fresh York (NY) Giants, Seattle Seahawks and more.

You can play GameOn wherever you are, whether at the stadium or arena, watching at the bar with friends, or catching the mobile game at home. GameOn is a free and legal platform that is simple, fun, no-risk, safe and rewarding.

• Free-to-play sports picks during live games.
• Android games and contests will align with the national broadcasts of major leagues and squads including the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA.
• Complementary to the mobile game as your go-to second-screen.
• Easy and simple social experience with zero risk.

Download and play for free today!

Learn more at:

New Features: Initial Release.

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